Berean's New
Lead Pastor

Dr. Deven K. MacDonald

After several months of searching and interviewing
high-quality candidates, we're excited to announce 
that Pastor Deven K. MacDonald was commissioned
as Berean's new Lead Pastor on Sunday, September 18.

Watch Berean Elders and Pastors commission Pastor Deven and his first message to the church.

The MacDonald Family

The MacDonald Family comes to us from London, Ontario where, by God's grace, Deven has had the privilege to fulfill his calling to proclaim the name of the resurrected Lord and care for his people by helping them understand how the Good News of Jesus impacts their everyday lives.

He has a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from Crandall University in New Brunswick, Canada, a master's degree in Theology from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada, and a Ph.D. in New Testament from the University of Pretoria in Pretoria, South Africa.

Deven has published two books:
The Resurrection and You: How the Resurrection Answers Your Biggest Questions, June 2022. W&S Publishing
Allegiance, Opposition, and Misunderstanding: A Narrative Critical Approach to Mark’s Gospel, March 2018. W&S Publishing

In his spare time, Deven enjoys hunting, fishing, working out, spending time with his wife and family, summer sunshine, and a mediocre cup of black coffee.


What will your first year at Berean look like? 

My first year at Berean is going to involve a lot of listening and learning. Every church has a unique culture, policies, structure, and ways of getting stuff done. While we share much in common, each church is unique. I’m the new guy here, so I need to listen well. 

My focus is going to be on getting to know the people at Berean and the church itself. There’s no way that I can provide adequate leadership to people that I don’t know and understand. So, listening, hearing stories, understanding the past, and sharing dreams will be a big part of my work moving forward.  

What do you believe is the primary role of Berean’s Lead Pastor? 

I understand my primary role to be preaching God’s Word, shepherding God’s people, and eventually providing clarity on vision and the future. A significant part of doing the above involves helping Berean remain on course, stay faithful to Scripture, and work for health in all aspects of ministry. 

My theological conviction is that church is never supposed to be based on one individual. My calling is to teach and equip God’s people for the work of ministry in their day-to-day lives. Nothing excites me more than seeing people grow to live out and share the gospel in their homes, workplaces, and social circles.

What excites you and what scares you about the opportunity at Berean?

What excites me is working with such a fantastic team! I am so excited to see the collective gifts used for a shared vision and mission. I’ve always enjoyed building and working with high-functioning teams and I can’t wait to work alongside Berean's staff, Elders, and leaders. We can do so much more together than we can on our own. 

What scares me? Well, it’s not the cold if that’s what you’re thinking! I am eager to see (but trying to trust God) my children’s transition into life in Minnesota. They are amazing kids, and each is a true gift from God. But they are leaving behind everything that they’ve ever known. I am praying that this new season will be a real incubator for their spiritual growth and development.

September 8, 2022

Berean Church Family, 

I want to start by sharing just how much your kindness over the past number of weeks has meant to both my family and me. We’ve been amazed at your love and generosity. I don’t think words could ever capture just how much we’ve been blessed. I thank God for you. 

By way of update, these past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Apparently, moving to another country and starting a new job is a big deal! We’ve been busy getting settled, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been to every government building in the area. Slowly but surely, I’m making headway and we are getting more established. Although our moving truck has not yet arrived, we’re managing. We’re hoping and praying that the truck arrives this weekend. 

After two years of homeschooling, our children enrolled in a local school. Please continue to pray for their adjustment and spiritual formation in this season. Heather is looking forward to having a bit more time and margin to serve alongside me as she’s able. 

It was an absolute joy for me to be able to conclude the incredible Faith Family Celebration last Sunday. It was so great to celebrate God’s goodness alongside you. I’m now set up in my office (but still waiting on my books to come) and have started to meet with the staff and elders and am slowly getting settled. While there’s a lot to learn, the quality and giftedness of the staff are already apparent. I am so thankful to work alongside a team like this. 

My first preaching date is September 18th. Following that special induction service, I’ll be starting a new series through one of Paul’s letters. I am excited to begin this important aspect of my ministry, and I would also appreciate your prayers as I prepare myself to preach God’s Word. 

Berean, as we step into a new chapter and season of our church’s life, here’s what I want you to know; it’s all about Jesus. I am eager to step into this new role and walk with you all as we follow our great Lord and King. This is what I desire and hope for you: 

 And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.
                                                                                                                                                                       (Philippians 1:9-11) 

For Christ our King, 
Pastor Deven