"Loving the Others" Pastor Tony Manning // James 2:1-13

on July 12, 2020

Problems with Partiality:

 1. What is the difference between valuing the Creator of all things and valuing His creation? How do we express our valuing of God? How do we express our valuing His creation? In what ways are these connected? When we devalue God’s creation, what does that say about our valuing God? Why is it so easy to not value God or His creation?

2. In James 2:1, he writes, “My Brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory (ESV).”  What does “partiality” mean? Can someone show partiality and be a follower of Jesus? How well is the Country fulfilling this command? How about your local communities? The Church? Yourself?

 3. In 2:2-7, James gives a clear example of a showing favor to a rich man while dishonoring a poor man. How do you think the rich man feels being treated this way? How do you think the poor man feels being treated this way? What is wrong with this picture?  In what subtle ways do we show favor or dishonor to others in our daily lives? In what ways can we remind ourselves and each other to equally value all persons?

 4. Read Proverbs 3:34 and James 4:6. How can God show favor, but we can’t? How is this not a contradiction in the Bible? Is there ever a time when we can rightly show favor? Does showing favor to the poor person “make up” for prior dishonoring of him? Is this what God is doing in Verse 5?

 5. Why is it so difficult to have conversations on partiality and racism today? How did we get here? What ways are there to bring up these conversations in peaceful and constructive ways?

Benefits of Inclusivity:

1. What does “inclusivity” mean? What is good about it? What is bad about it? What does humanity being in the Image of God have to do with it?

 2. How can we be inclusive of people without sending the message that we are inclusive of all moral systems and opinions? How does obeying the royal law of loving your neighbor as yourself fulfill a properly inclusive lifestyle?

3. How does the mercy shown to us ground and motivate us towards showing mercy to others? In what ways was Jesus inclusive of those around Him? In what concrete ways can we live that out ourselves?

4. Read Revelation 7:9-10. Inclusive worship of God by all people is the central mission and result of the Christian life. When have you experienced this? How did you feel? How do you think God felt? Does this motivate you? How?

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