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Does Your Worship Seem Routine? Consider the Cost to God

by Todd Johnson on August 03, 2021

The other night I was reading, The Air I Breath: Worship as a Way of Life, by Louie Giglio. It's an inspirational book and meant to challenge the reader to see worship as a way of life. 

Well, to be honest, I was just reading the words and not really comprehending or thinking about what I was reading. My emotions were still pretty wired after a high school volleyball game earlier that evening. Then I came across this sentence:

“God doesn’t let us worship him for free.”

I kept reading, but those words echoed in my mind, heart, and spirit. Finally, I had to stop, turn back to that page, and read it again.

“God. Doesn't. Let. Us. Worship. Him. For. Free.”

I thought God liked my worship. I thought he was pleased when I offered him my praise on Sunday mornings. Then I looked at the next sentence.

“Our worship cost him the life of his only Son.”

Wow! In order for me to praise and worship God the way I do, the Son of God had to take my penalty. So, even when I praise and worship God, it originates from God, not me. Praising and worshipping God isn't just something I do. It's something I get to do. And I get to do it because of the cross.

So the next time you feel sluggish or having a hard time worshipping, consider the cost. That reminder of his deep, everlasting love for us should be even more cause for us to give our all - even in worship.

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