Every kid matters to God!

The Bible says that Jesus loves the little children (Matthew 19:14).

At Berean, we love kids too! 

Berean Kids is a high-energy, Christ-centered ministry for ages birth through grade 5. Kids learn in a fun and uplifting environment about the God who created them, loves them, and faithfully walks beside them. We believe that life transformation happens in children and families when the church and home partner together. Through dynamic weekend and mid-week programming, engaging resources, consistent encouragement, and our partnership with the family, we commit to helping even the youngest of these become resilient followers of Jesus to impact the next generation!

If you have any questions, keep scrolling to find our FAQ's. To learn more about Berean's ministry to parents, click here.


   Birth - Grade 5

Kids are part of age-specific programming that includes large and small group time as well as crafts, music, and relational connection. We go through the entire Bible every three years. All stories point to Jesus as our Rescuer and Redeemer, as part of God’s big story. 

Sunday 9 a.m. // Birth - Grade 5
Sunday 11 a.m. // Birth - Grade 5

*See our Weekly Update page for more details, including dates for modified or no programming.

 Email Tanner Pinkerman

Wednesday Nights

 Grade K - 3 

Children in Grade K - 3 are invited to this fun, high-energy ministry that encourages them to know Jesus Christ and to grow in a relationship with him. Our time includes Bible lessons, Scripture memory, mission activities, life application, and recreational games which all connect to apply biblical truths to real life.

Wednesday 6:30 - 8 p.m. // September - May 15
No registration is required! Join anytime!

*See our Weekly Update page for more details, including dates for modified or no programming.


   Grade 4 - 5

Students engage in and do life together. Life can be full of challenges, but no one is alone. We explore real-life topics and challenges from the lens of the Bible through large group teaching and small group discussion.

Wednesday 6:30 - 8 p.m. // September - May 15 // Gymnasium
No registration is required! Join anytime!

*See our Weekly Update page for more details, including dates for modified or no programming.


Children with Special Needs

  BK Inc. 

BK Inc. stands for Berean Kids Inclusion. Children of all abilities and their families are welcome at Berean, just as they are. 

Key Areas of Focus:   

  • Fully Accessible - We help the gospel become fully accessible to all children and youth, regardless of their special needs or abilities.   
  • Wonderfully Accepted - We celebrate all children and youth and their abilities.  We help them enjoy worship, learning, and friendships.  Other kids around them grow in love and compassion and learn how to embrace those with differences with Christ’s love. 
  • Lovingly and Safely Supported – We provide families with the opportunity for respite and time for gospel growth and learning while their child is doing the same in a loving and safely supported manner.  

Because children learn in different ways, BK Inc. offers one-on-one companions to children with special needs. To volunteer to be a BK Inc. Companion, contact Bethany Jones.

For more information or to enroll your child, please contact Bethany Jones.

Our Values

In Berean Kids, our values are not just words, but values in action. We follow up and reinforce these values with action and intentionality.  


We point to the gospel every week. All stories in the Bible point to Jesus as our Rescuer and Savior! We explain the gospel to kids in fresh ways in both large and small group times. 


We provide an environment and a programming strategy that is fun and engaging for kids. We evaluate and observe regularly to ensure that kids understand and embrace the teaching. 


We engage relationally with kids through meaningful small group time. We know that investing in kids consistently and over time can result in them feeling safe and open to discussing the gospel and how it applies to their lives. We train and mentor volunteers in leading small groups. 


We consistently use clear safety protocols. All volunteers are consistently screened to ensure maximum safety and security for families. 


We provide quality teaching and instruction to kids of all ages. We strive to be organized, consistent, and impactful so the gospel can reach kids in unique and lasting ways. 


We value prayer and intentionally pray for our staff, families, and volunteers. We pray with volunteers before each service, and volunteers pray with kids weekly. Prayer is the foundation of all we do. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the worship service so we can help you become familiar with our check-in process, and the children's area, and introduce you to the leaders in your child’s classroom. To speed up your first time checking in to Berean Kids, fill out THIS form. 

Parents check in their children at the Berean Kids Check-In areas. Children are given a nametag to wear that displays their name, a unique security code for the day, and any other pertinent information. Parents are given a tag that contains the corresponding security code. In addition, all of our volunteers have been interviewed and have passed background checks. 

In order to ensure the health of other children and leaders, please refrain from bringing your child if he/she has had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours: diarrhea, vomiting, 100+ degree fever, rash, non-clear runny nose, or has been on antibiotics for less than 24 hours.

Berean Kids does not provide or allow snacks for any of our classes.

Older kids are encouraged to bring their Bible. We ask that children leave toys, cell phones, etc. in the car or at home.

If we need to contact you after you have checked in your child, the Worship Center and Sanctuary screens will display the security code on your pick-up slip preceded by the first two letters of your last name (e.g., AB-1234).

Berean periodically captures video or photographs of "life at Berean" including children's programming, worship areas, hallways, and commons areas. Berean may publish videos or photographs in which your child(ren) may appear with or without their name for lawful purposes such as publicity, illustration, advertising, social media, and website content. If you have concerns and do not wish to have your child(ren) included in photos or videos, please contact Berean's Communications Department.

Email Tanner Pinkerman

For Your Convenience

This room is provided for parents who wish to watch the service while caring for a fussy child. Please ask for directions at Berean Kids Check-In.

This room allows mothers to nurse their infants while watching the service.

Activity bags are available at the Welcome Center for children who attend the worship service.

Child Dedication

Child Dedication is the first step in parents discipling their children. During one of our Faith Family Celebrations, typically within the child’s first 18 months of life, parents publicly commit their child to the Lord and devote themselves to being the spiritual leaders in their child’s life. In turn, the church body promises to partner with parents in guiding the child’s faith development. At Berean, we provide training and resources to prepare parents as their child’s primary faith trainers. 

Child Dedication Registration

Kids' Baptism

The next step after responding to the gospel by turning to Jesus through faith and repentance is to publicly declare this decision through baptism. This is something to celebrate in the life of your child! We want to help walk parents and their children through this process. We will help you lead your child through a discussion of the gospel and help them write out their testimony. Together you will meet with a church leader to affirm this step and ask any questions. Register your child for baptism here and we will begin this process together.


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