Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is responsible for accepting nominations and interviewing candidates for the Elder Board and Nominating Committee. The committee presents qualified candidates for affirmation at Berean's annual business meeting in May.

Role of the Elders:

  • Serves as a shepherd and overseer, guarding the spiritual life of the church 
  • Teaches the Word of God 
  • Exhorts and refutes when necessary 
  • Sets the example as believers 
  • Prays for the sick and those in need in the congregation 
  • Determines church policy and sets forth a church budget 

Elders serve a term of three years and may serve up to two consecutive terms before taking a break for a minimum of one year and then being eligible to be nominated again. The elder board consists of a minimum of six members and a maximum of ten.  

Scripture References on Church Leaders

Recommend an Elder Candidate

Role of the Nominating Committee

  • Gathers nominations for elders and nominating committee candidates from the church 
  • Verifies candidates' church membership status and ministry involvement 
  • Makes sure that candidates meet the requirements of both scripture and church bylaws 
  • Interviews candidates 
  • Sends qualified candidates for the Elder Board to the Elders for theological vetting 
  • Prayerfully considers who God is calling to be put forward to the congregation for affirmation  

Nominating Committee members serve a term of two years and may serve up to two consecutive terms before taking a break for a minimum of one year and then being eligible to be nominated again. The Nominating Committee consists of a minimum of five members and a maximum of nine members plus one pastor and one member of the Elder Board.

The active period for nominating candidates for both Eldership and Nominating Committee is October through December, but candidates may be nominated at any time throughout the year.  

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2023-2024 Nominating Committee Members 

Jake Reiter - Pastoral Representative
Todd Johnson - Elder Board Representative
Tony Anderson – Chairman
Ryan Blanch
Maggie Combs
Kevin Jones
Andrea Sutherland
Adam Sink
Todd Liljenquist
Kathy Wallace