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20 Things to Do at Home with Children

by Becky Hawkinson on June 22, 2020

Schools out for summer! So now what?

Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or someone else who's spending a lot of time caring for children, we have some fun ideas for you.

So many summer favorite events and attractions have been closed or canceled or modified in such a way that summer is just not the same. Of course, there are blessings to count even in this: nights and weekends are free from stressful schedules and carpools. But there are definitely challenges.

And one big one - the one that is like nails on a chalkboard - is the statement, “I’m bored.”

Usually, I reply, “Boredom is a choice. Find something to do.” Then I list all the things they can do: Legos, puzzles, read, clean their room, fold the laundry, pick up sticks in the yard, ride bikes, clean toilets. I’m pretty proud of that list, but my kids ... well, they want me to do better. So I compiled a list of activities to break the boredom blues this summer and I thought I'd share it with you.

Break the Boredom Blues

Don’t be overwhelmed.

When distance-learning (school at home) started a couple of months ago, I was inundated with suggestions of what do to with my kids. And maybe you were like me: I just needed to get through their school work and my work. So suggestions of what else to do were not helpful.

This is not that kind of list.

And I fully realize that you can Google “what to do this summer with my kids” just as easily as I can. So here are 20 of my favorite ideas.

  1. If you haven't already, bring back nap time for 2 hours.

  2. Create your own slip 'n slide. Get a big roll of plastic and make it happen like this:

  3. Have a bonfire. Ask kids to pretend they are living in the past and need to gather firewood to cook food. (Yes, I'm pretty tricky. Basically, this makes picking up sticks in the yard a bit more fun.) Celebrate their hard work by trying new recipes for S'mores like these:

  4. Learn something new. Challenge everyone in the family to learn more about something they are interested in, such as calligraphy, making balloon animals, solving a Rubik's cube, learning about personality types, creating macaroni art. Set a goal and have fun!

  5. Have beach time in the bathtub. Have your kids pull on swimsuits, grab a few water toys, and pretend they're at a beach.

  6. Every day challenge your kids to build something with Legos. This website has a downloadable calendar and other really cool ideas:

  7. Create a comic book with your family starring as superheroes. You can find a lot of templates on Amazon. (Don’t forget to purchase through Amazon Smile and choose Berean as your charity!)

  8. Visit as many playgrounds as you can and create a bracket for the best park in the area.

  9. Go to Berean Kids YouTube to watch the Berean Kids Family Devotional. For additional content, open the weekly Parent Prep email for links to videos and devotional guides.

  10. Drive to Duluth. Eat lunch at Canal Park. Go back home.

  11. Have a PJs and movie day. Watch movies from when you were a kid with your kids. All Day.

  12. Gather a bunch of cardboard boxes and let your kids go wild making cardboard creations. Supply them with tape and scissors too.

  13. Celebrate a country. Select a country to “visit” for dinner. Research what food to make and how to create a fitting ambiance. Then, do it!

  14. Create a meme. Brainstorm a list of ideas, ask your kids to take selfies for those themes, and then make them.

  15. Have an afternoon quiet time if naps don’t work. Find some audiobooks for your kids to listen to while you take a break. My family is old-school, so we get books on CD from our library.

  16. Create a “How Many?” list and ask your kids to find the answer. Suggestions: How many windows, light bulbs, doors, corners, cans of soup, shoes, doorknobs, etc do we have? This could keep them busy for a long time depending on how many items you have on the list. Reward them with a Popsicle afterward, but only after they count how many you have.

  17. Go on a walk and pick up trash. Wear gloves!

  18. Make a bedroom fort. Let your kids make a fort in their bedrooms or in just one bedroom using all the blankets, sheets, and card tables. Helpful hint: Use chip clips to hold blankets together. If you really want to go all out, place Christmas lights inside!

  19. Continue online learning. Yes, I know that we just spent a couple of months with online learning, but we need to keep these skills sharp. Ask your kids’ teachers if the apps that they used are still available in the summer or find your own. (I want to find one that teaches keyboard skills.)

  20. Create an object challenge - Give kids four items and challenge them to create something with them or write a story about them. Determine the amount of time they have to complete the challenge. For an increased challenge, give them another object after they’ve been working for a bit.

You Can Do This!

Pinterest has tons of ideas. Local museums have ideas. The Minnesota Zoo has ideas. There are so many ideas out there. The most important thing to remember is this: Don’t freak out. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Boredom is okay.

Give your kids hugs. Tell them that you love them, that you’re proud of them, and that if you had the choice, you would always choose them to be your kids - every time. Tell them that you are so glad that God gave them to you and that God loves them more than you ever can.

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