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A Breakfast Masterpiece with a Lesson on Lavish Generosity

Generosity is a fundamental Christian value that is emphasized throughout the Bible. Most of us want to be seen as generous or to have the ability to lavish generosity on others. But when push comes to shove, what stops us? Read below as Kay Larson shares about generosity and the valuable lesson she learned from some fluffy pancakes smothered in peanut butter and syrup!

by Kay Larson on May 16, 2023


The other day, I watched as my husband created a breakfast masterpiece. He made beautiful pancakes cooked to perfection and topped them with a generous slathering of peanut butter. Ignore, if you will, his strange compulsion to put peanut butter on his pancakes and envision this:

First, as he built this breakfast, he smiled, giddy with anticipation of what was about to happen. After mixing the right ingredients and pouring them onto the buttered griddle, he flipped them at just the right time. The result? Two fluffy, golden pancakes topped with ample peanut butter, swirled and peaked across the top pancake. Then, his favorite maple syrup dripped beautifully over the sides of the pancakes onto the platter. He got a taste of pancake, peanut butter, and syrup in every single bite. There was even enough gooey goodness remaining to dip his sausage links too.

So, what do peanut butter-covered pancakes have to do with giving?

Lavish generosity!

When I think about lavish generosity, I think about the act of giving with some leftover – like warm, gooey syrup. I think about the joy and anticipation that begins the process, as my husband experienced with those pancakes. Lavish generosity is about giving more than enough. A sweet combination of planning, executing, and finally delivering satisfies the giver and receiver.

Webster says "lavish" means you bestow something in generous or extravagant quantity. "Generous" refers to being liberal in giving; openhanded; marked by abundance or ample proportions; characterized by a noble or kindly spirit.

Generosity begins with a changed heart.

Most of us want to be seen as generous or to have the ability to lavish generosity on others. But when push comes to shove, what stops us?

Generosity is a fundamental Christian value that is emphasized throughout the Bible. But we can’t give what we don’t have, right? True generosity is anchored in the love of God. He has been lavish in his generosity toward us and in the love he pours on us.

If our hearts and minds are not set on God, it will be difficult for us to be generous. We are commanded to be cheerful givers, but if we are focused on “me, me, me,” it is difficult to think about how our generosity can impact others. Generosity comes from what is stored in our hearts, which begins with knowing and loving God.

If God changes your heart, be willing to change your plans (Joyce Meyer).

Ezekiel 36:26 says, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you.” When we experience this heart change, we turn away from our “me” desire and shift “to” God. Our heart change begins with understanding the depth of God’s love and the grace and mercy he has shown us. Our expectations change when we realize how much God has given us. We give without expecting to receive anything in return because everything we need we already receive from God.

 Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation because he is trying to change your heart (Anonymous).

If you recall the early Christians in the Book of Acts, they sold their possessions and gave to those in need. They didn’t do this because of obligation, duty, or requirement but out of a genuine desire to help others. They understood that everything they had belonged to God, and they were merely the keepers or stewards of those resources. They loved God so much that they wanted everyone else to enjoy the same satisfaction in knowing him and his character. Their generosity reflected their heart for God!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21).


Generosity involves more than material possessions.

There should be no such thing as a stingy Christian! The gospel has a way of changing us from the inside out. Being generous and willing to give sacrificially is a sign that our hearts are focused on God and his Kingdom.

Generosity isn’t just about giving money or material possessions but involves giving of ourselves to help others. Whether volunteering, mentoring, being there for a friend, serving, giving, or donating to an event like Berean's School-A-Palooza (or any of the countless other ways to show generosity!), it is an opportunity to reflect Christ to others.

Generosity requires intentionality.

To fully be generous, we must be intentional. Intentionality helps to ensure we don't miss the opportunities God puts before us. Here are a few ways to be intentional with your generosity:

1.  Give Thanks.

Start by reflecting on all the blessings in your life. Ask God to show you how much he has given you and to remove your blinders for the blessings you take for granted.

2.  Give from the Heart.

Ask God to show you ways to impact others. Then, act! If something is tugging on your heart, chances are God is presenting you with an opportunity to be generous. Remember that God doesn’t want (or need) your money, but he does want YOU! When you give your treasure with arms and hands wide open (whether your time or money), you give from the heart.

3.  Give Cheerfully and with Joy.

Remember, reflecting on God’s generous blessings opens opportunities for you to point others to Jesus. Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice. As you learn to give sacrificially, too, by giving a little bit more than is comfortable and willfully handing things over for the glory of God, others can begin to see Jesus through you.

Generosity can be difficult to contain!

I learned so much about lavish generosity that morning as my husband created his breakfast masterpiece with a surplus of ooey-gooey deliciousness. As Christians, we are called to be generous givers. I get it, though: Giving doesn’t come easy because we are “me-focused” people.

Lavish generosity truly must be motivated by our love and gratitude to God. He gave so abundantly to undeserving sinners like you and me. When we learn to continually hold that truth in our hearts, it becomes difficult to contain our desire to give graciously!

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