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Five Good Reasons to Come Back to Church in 2022 and Remain Consistent

Christmas services may be over but that doesn't mean the excitement has to end. There are so many good reasons to come back to church in 2022. Or, if you've never been to church, now is a great time to start! Being consistent in church can bring so many positive changes to your life. Want to know how?

by Anna Mundy on December 28, 2021


It’s threatening to come around again – the Great Crash of the Post-Christmas Events.

The Christmas Eve services were phenomenal. The church building was buzzing with excitement, and the people had a light in their eyes. Hearts were filled with hope, and all praise was given to God. But now the big day is over, and the hype has subsided. The people are tired, and they are now looking ahead to 365 new days that will certainly bring a new set of challenges.

The Sunday after Christmas, and some of the weeks that follow are traditionally marked by low church attendance. No doubt many are busy traveling home from their out-of-town festivities, but perhaps others have simply decided not to return to church now that their Christmas Eve tradition has been fulfilled.

The season will change again, but our God never changes.

As I reflect on the season, the questions that I’m always left to ponder are these:

  • If Jesus gives that much excitement and hope for Christmas, why don’t we allow him to give us that same hope all year long?

  • Why is Jesus often proclaimed as the “reason for the season,” but following the holiday we often struggle to let him be the reason for our life?

  • When Christmas fades, why does going to church often become ordinary again and we seem to lose the passion that we had during the holidays?

The truth is, Christmas may be over and the season may have changed, but Jesus hasn’t changed one bit. He is still 'Emmanuel, God with Us.' The light of our amazing God still shines in the darkness, and his hope still makes all things new.

As you may be tempted to join the post-Christmas crash, I encourage you not to let go of the enthusiasm that you had for Jesus and his church over the last couple of weeks. There are so many good reasons to come back to church and remain consistent following the Christmas season. Let’s look at five of them!

1.  The church is a place for connection.

We were never meant to do this life alone. Connection with those who share our faith keeps us rooted when the storms of this life threaten to do exactly the opposite. Not only is church an outstanding place to connect with others, but it is also one place we are meant to connect with God. When we join together for corporate worship, and we share life together within the body of Christ, we find and experience Jesus in a true and meaningful way. Not only do we hear about stories of transformation, but we get to witness and even participate in them firsthand when we do life together as the church.

2.  The church is a family, and we are needed.

A family is a group of people who come together as a unit and share a common bond. When we come to know Jesus, we become part of the family of God, as we share a common bond of faith. Just like a normal family, each individual within the family of God has a unique personality, talents, and abilities. In the church, we have the opportunity to use those talents and abilities to be part of something bigger. According to Ephesians 3:20, God “is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think” according to his power at work within us. He can use our gifts to advance his Kingdom. If a family does not have all of its members, it cannot function in the same way. Likewise, a church without all of its unique people is more limited in its impact.

3.  The church is a haven of rest.

When we choose to make church a part of our every week, it allows us to have a sacred day of rest set apart from the chaos of this life. We all need time to just be still and realign our focus on what truly matters in this life. In fact, God commands us to be still, to stop fighting our battles alone, and to stand back in awe of who he is so that we can know him more. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Taking time out of our week to be in church allows us to unplug from life and get plugged into the One from whom all strength and power flows.

4.  The church helps us to develop healthy habits.

As we make an effort to be in church every Sunday, and to participate in other church-related activities throughout the week, we begin to develop a routine. Routines are important for building healthy habits, which help us to live with greater stability. Routines bring organization to our lives and enable us to live with less stress and anxiety. Once we successfully achieve one habit, it likely becomes easier for us to master others. Use the vital, regular routine of church as a springboard to prompt the building of other important habits in your life, such as time in prayer and time in God’s Word.

5.  The church is a good place to get a fresh start.

As the church enters the New Year, it’s often a time for the start of a new sermon series, new Bible classes, new Bible reading plans, new devotionals, new Sunday School lessons, and the restarting of many Small Groups that have been on break. It’s the perfect time to jump in, get involved, and refresh our relationship with God. There is absolutely no shame in starting fresh. There are often other newcomers as well, so we are not alone.

Of all the goals and New Year’s resolutions we can make, our relationship with God is the one that has the most power to truly transform our lives. We must make it priority number one.

Let’s break the spiral!

There are so many life-changing reasons to come back to church in 2022, and this list of five barely scratches the surface. Let’s not let the post-Christmas crash happen again. Let’s break the spiral and keep Jesus first, not just over the holidays, but all year long. Through his church, Jesus gives us a place to belong and a place to find hope in the midst of a world where hope too often seems lost. Jesus wants to be part of your life all 52 weeks of the year. Will you let him?

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