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Four Fantastic Christian Books for Women to Read This Summer

It’s true - our summers are often booked with camps, cabin trips, and fishing. We Minnesotans have to take advantage of the season, after all. But it's important to remember God’s command to rest in every season we find ourselves. Ladies, whether you feel overwhelmed by your busy schedule, the noise your kids make, or even just how quickly the world spins, that offer to rest includes you. One of the best ways to relax is to get lost in a good book. To help you get started, I've put together a list of some summer must-reads for women. I hope you'll find at least one that piques your interest!

by Emily Abbott on June 06, 2023


As I’m sitting here writing this blog post, I can hear someone mowing their lawn. A soft breeze is blowing, the birds are chirping, and freshly potted flowers dance happily around me. Spring is here. Finally. And all signs point to summer fast approaching. The temperatures are getting warmer, the construction cones and road closures more frequent, and every parent is asking the same question, “What are your kids doing this summer?

It’s true - our summers are often booked with camps, cabin trips, and fishing (we Minnesotans have to take advantage of the season, after all). And while winter has traditionally been linked to the idea of settling in, hibernating, and enjoying the quiet, it’s important to remember God’s offer of rest in every season we find ourselves. Summer nights or lazy, sunny afternoons lend themselves well to slowing down.

My family likes to enjoy rest in several ways, but one of my favorites is curling up with a good book. I usually always have at least two going at once, sometimes more.

Not only is reading good for the mind and the soul, but studies also show it can even help reduce stress.

So, ladies, the next time you feel overwhelmed by your busy schedule, the noise your kids make, or even just how quickly the world spins, reach for a good book to get lost in. To help you get started, I’ve put together a Summer Book List filled with a few of my favorites.


1.  Rhythms of Renewal by Rebecca Lyons.

If you are looking for a good book to begin your summer reading, Rhythms of Renewal is a great place to start. The author, Rebecca Lyons, reveals simple ways to trade anxiety for peace, how we have been created for more balance than our culture currently dictates, and how genuinely resting can lead to flourishing. Each section stands alone, which means you don’t need to carve out lots of time to read or even worry about being interrupted. And, if you like reading with other women, you can always join one of the Women's Bible Studies we have this summer at Berean, walking through this book and study guide together.

2.  Another Gospel by Alisa Childers

We’ve all experienced moments of questioning what we believe, but sometimes these questions run deeper and take a journey of seeking the Lord before they are answered. Another Gospel is Alisa Childers' journey with questions that sit at the core of Christianity and her discovery of the truth. She touches on progressive Christianity and its appeal and pitfalls. This book is such a relevant read for our time. Whether you’ve struggled with your own questions or you know someone who is, find encouragement through Alisa’s story. In this book, you can discover how to lovingly respond to your own doubts and the doubts of others with the truth of the gospel.

3.  All My Knotted-Up Life by Beth Moore

Looking for a good memoir? This book is for you! Whether you’ve completed every Beth Moore Bible study or you're just hearing about her for the first time, you’ll enjoy the way Beth weaves humor and vulnerability as she tells her story in her book, All My Knotted-Up Life. Be warned; you’ll want tissues handy as you read through her reflections on the past.

4.  I’ll Start Again Monday by Lysa Terkeurst

It is undeniable that food plays an integral role in the gospel. Food fuels our bodies and gives us nourishment so that we can live out our God-given purpose each day. Food also brings people together around tables in community where the gospel can be heard. However, we are often misled into faulty thinking and broken desires regarding food. There are so many places telling us how to look and how to feel about food. Soon, we are convinced that the craving within us is “bad.” But what if someone told you that you were made to crave? That’s exactly what Lysa Terkeurst does in her book, I’ll Start Again Monday. Throughout its pages, Lysa redirects our craving for earthly things to understand that our craving is truly for our Heavenly Father. She doesn’t set out to create a self-help book but instead desires her readers to embrace a new outlook on life and food rooted firmly in the truth of who God says we are and how we’ve been created.

Choose one (or more!) and get started reading today.

These books only scratch the surface of the many great summer reads for women. I hope they at least give you a solid place to start! Whether you're longing for ways to build more rhythms of peace into your daily life, looking for answers to your questions about the gospel, or striving to better understand your cravings, I hope you'll find at least one book that piques your interest and encourages you to get started reading today. Hopefully, even in the lazy business of the summer, you will find a few moments each day to rest, relax, and enjoy a few pages from your favorite read.

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