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Hope for When I'm Mean and Do Something Wrong

by Tony Manning on July 02, 2020

Welcome to Take Ten at Ten with Pastor Tony when he shares his thoughts about the story of Blotch: A Tale of Forgiveness and Grace by Andy Addis.

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We All Have Blotches

  • The king chose to live with his people because he loves them. Blotch's faith in the king removes his stains. Like Blotch, we were stained by sin, and God is the only one who can remove the stains when we put our faith in him. We are living with people who are still stained so we can give them the hope and proof that our lives can start over and our sins can be removed.
  • When Blotch looked in the mirror, he could see his stains were gone. We see the same thing: our sins have been removed. When we walk away from the mirror, we can forget that we've been made clean so we forget to share the hope we found with the people around us.
  • Listen to God's voice; he gave us a ministry of reconciliation. Listen to the stories of pain and desperation around you. Then share God's story of hope and forgiveness that you've experienced.

Join us this weekend when we continue our study of James and the balance between hearing and doing. Go. Walk the journey and bring hope to those who need it.

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