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How to Create New Christmas Traditions Focused on God's Love

by Ben Holden on December 10, 2020

The Christmas season is upon us! I love the lights, the sweets, the music, and the joy of Christmas. Most of us have family traditions that are rooted in our childhood or maybe from ideas that we picked up on Pinterest. But have we considered whether traditions point our hearts and our minds toward Jesus Christ and the love of God?

If we look through the lens of our kids, what are we making Christmas about? Barbara Reaoch gives insight and helps us think more deeply about our traditions. Maybe this year can be the start of some new traditions for our families that are gospel-centered, pointing us to Jesus Christ and making him known.

Reaoch writes:

"Traditions can become lasting memories to seal family bonds. Yet Christmas celebrates Jesus’ birth! Shouldn’t every Christian family’s goal be to cultivate a deeper love for Jesus (John 17:25-26)? Ask yourself: which of our traditions help our family reach this goal? Some traditions add to life’s meaning but others trivialize Christmas. How can you choose wisely?"

How to Enjoy a Better-Than-Anything Christmas! by Barbara Reaoch

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