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The True Value of a Bible in the Hands of a Child

I was so excited. I had my summer vacation all planned. Every detail was ready to go. But God changed my plans. Maybe sometimes he changes yours too. I'm learning that instead of getting bent out of shape when things don't go our way, perhaps we should lean into Jesus a little bit more. There just might be other things he wants us to do, people he wants us to meet, and an impact he wants us to make. In my case? He wanted me to meet a 1st-grade child.

by Michelle Blanch on September 12, 2022


Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE to plan ahead. In fact, my summer vacation was all planned out by the end of March. Reservations made. Housing set in place. Each day to hold its own excitement! 

But sometimes God changes our plans . . .

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cut our vacation time in half at the last minute. I was crushed, but I knew that being a part of Berean’s Summer Blast was now a real possibility. So, I reached out to our coordinator. Within a day, I was all set to volunteer and my kids were signed up to participate.

Now that we were going to attend Summer Blast, my daughter asked to invite her friend who was new to the area. She had never been to church before but was excited to join us. My daughter’s friend (I’ll call her C) was able to begin attending Summer Blast on the second evening and joined my daughter at our 1st-grade small group table.

I got to witness a first grader hear about Jesus for the first time.  

Tuesday’s theme had a focus on sharing the gospel. As we introduced the story about Jesus’ last days on Earth, I could not help but notice C’s fascination with the part of the story where Jesus was dying on the cross. She grimaced at the thought of Jesus dying in that way. For a first grader, I agree it can be hard to imagine. It's not the everyday norm to encounter punishment given in that way, especially to someone who does not deserve it. God was giving C such a strong curiosity to better understand this part of the gospel story. 

The large group session later that evening continued to emphasize the gospel message. Once that session finished, C opted out of the scheduled bathroom break and grabbed the Bible on our table instead. She quickly flipped back to the image of the cross and began to ask some questions. I used this break time to share with her WHY God would allow Jesus to die on the cross, and I explained to her that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of EVERYONE.
Her heart was open to hearing the words of the gospel. What a beautiful image of a child listening to the story of God’s plan of salvation FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Once the evening was finished and parents were arriving, C asked to go back to the supply bin and pull out the Bible again. I could see God drawing her to himself. While she was studying the pictures in the Bible and asking some questions, I could see the start of a simple trust forming within her heart. 


I got to see God transforming a little one's heart.

The next evening, C could not get to the Bible fast enough. She immediately turned to an image of David and Goliath and we talked about the story - a boy close to her age defeating a giant boasting twice David’s size and strength! God was using this story to show her his might and to recognize how this young boy trusted in God for his victory. 

As the Bible stories and images were once again captivating C’s attention during our small group time, I thought she might like to take a Bible home with her. I recalled how Berean gives Bibles to those in first grade, and I asked our Room Lead if we could get C a Bible of her own. When she received the Bible, her face lit up. She hugged the Bible that was now hers to keep! She excitedly held out the Bible for her teachers to see and talked about her new Bible on the way home.

On the final evening of Summer Blast, I was thrilled to see that C’s parents came to Family Night. Her parents shared how they had several conversations about stories in the Bible and had even begun reading more stories from C's new Bible.

What an unforgettable week to see how God spoke to C’s heart through his powerful Word. The simple truths she encountered for the very first time during Summer Blast are prayerfully only the beginning for her and her family. How awesome that C’s journey of discovering the truths in God’s Word can now continue at home.

You never know how God will use his Word in the heart of a child.

Here in Berean Kids, we desire to come alongside parents in equipping them to lead their children in the way they should go. Berean Kids is delighted to give all children entering first grade their very own Bible during our First Grade Bible Celebration later this month.  

So, why should we read the Bible to our children? Because reading God’s Word provides a shining light for their path in a world corrupted by darkness. 

The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple (Psalm 119:130).  

The Bible is one of the most powerful parental tools we have to teach our children how to live in a way that pleases God. It also contains the most important message a child will ever hear - the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sharing this gospel message with my small group during Summer Blast had a bigger Kingdom impact than I could have imagined, and I can’t help but appreciate how my vacation plans got foiled for something far better!

So, the next time your plans get "spoiled" too, you just never know. God may have something far different in mind that he wants you to do!

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