"Worship the One Who is Worthy" - Pastor Wes Feltner / Revelation 4 & 5

on October 06, 2019


Take about 45 minutes during your missional community gathering to discuss what God is teaching you and how he is leading you in light of the weekend sermon.


  1. What have you been reading in your devotions this past week? Did anything in your reading prove relevant to your week?
  2. Did you get the opportunity to have any gospel conversations with unbelievers this week?
  3. what have you found most helpful from the Revelation series so far?

Application: Even when all you see is suffering, God is still sovereign

  1. Read Revelation 4:1-11. Have you ever heard the argument; how can there be a God when there is all this evil in the world? How have you responded?
  2. When was a time in your life when you most doubted God’s sovereignty?
  3. During that time, did you doubt God’s existence more or his love for you?
  4. If you were counseling a Christian in a situation of despair, how would you counsel with the truth of God’s sovereignty?
  5. How would you know the difference between when someone is in a trial of perseverance or discipline over sin?

Application: Even when life seems hopeless, Jesus still has your life in his hands

  1. What are some promises in scripture you turn to in times of stress? How have these helped in the past?
  2. Read Revelation 5:1-5. When reading this passage what came to your mind when you thought of Jesus? Had you viewed him in this way before?
  3. What makes it so hard to take the image of Jesus’ sovereignty in Revelation and trust it in our lives today?
  4. Wes explained the scene change John is going through in looking from earth's view to heavens view. Did you find meditating on this different perspective to be helpful?
  5. Where in your life today do you need to be reminded that it is not as it appears?


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