"From Tribulation to Triumph: An Introduction to Revelation" Pastor Wes Feltner / Revelation 1:1-8

on September 08, 2019


Revelation 1:1-8 Pastor Wes Feltner 

Take about 45 minutes during your missional community gathering to discuss what God is teaching you and how he is leading you in light of the weekend sermon.


  1. What were your anticipations about the sermon series on Revelation going into it?
  2. What have been some of the discussions you have had around the book of Revelation in the past?
  3. Was there anything specifically you found encouraging about the sermon this past week?

Application: The book of Revelation is intended to be Known.

  1. Read Revelation 1:1-8. How would you say most people approach the book of Revelation regarding their confidence in being able to understand it?
  2. Where are you on that spectrum? How does this affect your desire to read it?
  3. What did Wes teach us are some of things to be expected with apogalactic literature?
  4. What are some ways we can tell if we should take something in Revelation as literal, symbolic, or figurative?
  5. In what ways did you find it comforting when Wes said that it’s okay to let the book of Revelation to be weird at first?

Application: The book of Revelation is intended to be applied.

  1. How can focusing on the book of Revelation produce perseverance in a Christian? Has this worked for you in the past?
  2. Have you ever found yourself moved to worship after reflecting on the book of Revelation? Why was this?
  3. How does reading the book of Revelation help us to focus on the mission we have as Christians in our current reality?
  4. What role does the hell fire and brimstone type of preaching have in sharing our hope in Christ, if any role at all?
  5. How have you taught the reality of a heaven and hell to people who don’t know Jesus? Any advice to share with other members of your group?

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