"Thinking of Self Less" - Pastor Tony Manning

by Tony Manning on August 09, 2020

Consequences of Selfishness:

 1. It has been said by many that the world knows more about what the Church stands against than what it stands for. What are some examples of how this may be true? How have you seen this as true in your own life? What does James suggest is the cause and solution to such issues?

2. Read James 4:4-5. All throughout James, he often referred to his hearers as "my brothers," in verse 4 he says, "you adulterous people." Did reading that get your attention? Why or why not? What does this title have to do with having a misplaced relationship with the world? Why does being a friend with the world mean being an enemy of God? Why does James tell us that God is jealous for His Spirit in us?

3. Read James 4:1-3. How does having misguided passions lead to a breakdown in communication and proper functioning of the Church? How does this affect the community outside the Chruch?

Turning in the Right Direction:

 1. Read James 4:6-8. Why does God oppose the proud and give grace to the humble? Why is it important we first submit to God then resist the Devil? Why do we so often get this order wrong in our own lives?

2. How does daily confession turn us back in the right direction? How does confession help us not live double-minded lives?

3. What are some ways we can preach the Gospel to ourselves daily? How does daily reminding ourselves of the Gospel help us see each other as being on the same team?

Consequences of Proper Perspective:

 1. How does humility before God and with one another heal communication and function within the Church? How does humility bring clarity to our mission?

2. How does preaching the Gospel to ourselves daily prepare and better enable us to preach the Gospel to the community outside the Church?

3. If being friends with the world makes us enemies of God, does being friends with God make us enemies of the world? How can we actually love the world and those in it more by not being friends with it?

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