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How to Expand the Gospel Through a Culture of Invitation and Connection

There is nothing as warm as an invitation to come in. To come into a conversation. To come into a space. To come into a home. In fact, a simple invitation is the timeless key to advancing the gospel of Jesus. Who can you invite into your home, your church, and your conversations this summer? There is no better way to do life than to do it together!

by Roger Thompson on June 28, 2022


"We're invited to dinner! Into their home!"

Our family was electrified by the privilege. While on vacation, we had been hanging around an Amish community, absorbing their simple rhythms, but feeling like strangers on their counter-cultural island. We went to farmers' markets, marveled at their craftsmanship, and were mesmerized by the clip-clop of their horse-drawn carriages. Then one day we visited a family who made hickory rockers. We made a connection. They were real people. And they felt the same about us. I went back a second time to learn how they made the chairs. And the next thing we knew, they had invited us to come into their kitchen for an authentic, Amish dinner. It's a warm memory that is still as fresh and meaningful as it was that day.

The invitation matters.

There is nothing as warm as an invitation to come in. Come into my conversation. Come into my space. Come into my home. A facility, a culture, or even a family is not automatically inviting. In fact, the closer we are to a few special friends, the easier it is to be oblivious to those outside our circle.

Here at Berean, architecture, ambiance, and good signage are great tools, but nothing can equal a simple, personal invitation. 'Come sit with me in worship. Come into our home.' This is the timeless key to the expansion of the gospel and the deepening of Christian discipleship.

There is no better way to do life.

Who do you encounter as you go about your days? - your neighbors, your coworkers, the grocery store cashier, those at the gym, or the parents from your child's sports team.

Simply invite. Acquaintances become friends. Friends become family. The living Church becomes the haven every heart longs to find.

The table is set. Invite someone you meet to share it with you this summer. In so doing, you just might open the door to share hope and share the gospel of Jesus. There is no better way to do life than to do it together.

You're welcome at berean!

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