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A Father's Calling: Embracing Your Role in God's Design

by Ben Holden on December 02, 2021


The role of the father is vitally important to the lives of kids and the entire family. Some of us grew up with fathers who provided an incredible example of God's design for this role. Others have grown up without the presence of an earthly father. Maybe your father was somewhere in-between.

As a dad, it can be tough to know what is needed in faithfully fulfilling the duties of this God-ordained role in the family. Linda Weddle provides six expectations that are grounded in God's Word for fathers to follow.

Dads, there is no need for worry or anxiety. God has given you what you need to succeed in your role and to bring him glory through it. Take these six callings to heart and begin to practice them. Your family will benefit greatly and will love you for it!

Weddle writes:

Every father since The Fall has experienced fears about his role parenting his children. But in every generation God has bestowed His strength, power and grace on godly parents to lift up a righteous seed.

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God's Six Expectations for Fathers - by Linda Weddle (from Awana)

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