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Ensuring Your Kids Walk Away from the Church

by Ben Holden on May 06, 2021

You have probably heard the statistics of young adults who were engaged in a life of faith and their church youth group that walk away from the faith after high school. As a church we are taking a hard look at what we have done to foster this and to make necessary adjustments. I would highly encourage you as families to do the same. Parents are called to be the spiritual leaders of their children. Jared C. Wilson gives us six things that we can do as parents to "disciple" our kids into becoming church dropouts. Pay attention to these...we want to do whatever we can as parents to foster a life of authentic faith, not lead them down a path of shallow belief.

Wilson writes:

"The church is the family made by Christ’s gospel. He has broken down the division between us with his blood and united us to each other by uniting us to himself by our faith. When you push the gospel to the periphery of your own religious interests and your own consideration of the church, it has the effect of disconnecting students from the only power we have to win them to Christ’s body."

How to 'Disciple' Your Kids Into Church Dropout Status by Jared C. Wilson

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