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Every Life Has Value

by Ben Holden on June 16, 2022


Our country is currently battling over the rights of unborn children. From a biblical perspective, we know that life begins at conception. God purposes life, it is of the highest value, and it is designed to bring glory to him. Sadly, there is also a battle over the value and protection of unborn children with known disabilities and birth defects. Maybe you currently find yourself facing this future with your unborn child or have walked through this season in the past. Let there be no mistake, all life is valuable to God!

Jared Mulvihill shares part of the journey that he and his wife had with their oldest son who has autism. Not only will you find their journey encouraging and inspiring, but Mulvihill provides biblical truth on how God views these beautiful children.

Mulvihill writes:
Disability continues to hit new families across the world. To parents that never imagined this challenge, you will be faced with a choice: life or death. Fight for life, knowing that the sorrows will be deep and the cost will be great. Yet if you are in Christ, your joy will be greater, and God promises to provide the strength and grace you need every moment of every day (Philippians 4:19).

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A Fragile Life Worth All Our Love - by Jared Mulvihill

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