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Facts About Preteens You Should Know

by Ben Holden on August 31, 2020

5 Things You Might Not Know About Preteens by Dan Scott

From Pastor Ben:

Did you know that there are somewhere around 23 million preteens in the U.S. alone? This age group has grown not only in number but in prominence. They are being noticed by marketers. At Berean, we have created a ministry that is specifically for them. They are still kids but are in a period of transition where they are beginning to see and interact with the world differently, but are not yet teenagers. Dan Scott has given us five things to help us better understand this age group. We want to not only love them but capitalize on what makes them unique in order to better point them toward Jesus and help disciple them.

Scott writes:

"Preteens have incredible potential, IF you know how to engage with them and help them transition between childhood and adolescence."

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