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Faith and Family Dynamics: When Grandparents Have Different Beliefs

by Ben Holden on December 09, 2021


Family dynamics can be difficult. This difficulty is amplified when there is a difference in spiritual beliefs. Barbara Reaoch tackles the issue of grandparents not believing in Jesus. Speaking from first-hand experience, she skillfully offers some helpful thoughts and insights on how to view as well as navigate this reality as you seek to raise your children to know and love Jesus.

Reaoch writes:

God fulfilled our desire for our kids to love their grandparents. But predictable questions followed every visit: 'Why don’t Granddad and Grandmom like our church?' 'Why does Grandmom use the Lord’s name like that?' 'Why did they want to watch that bad movie?' 'Does Granddad really not believe in God?'


Note: Barbara Reaoch lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is a member of Bethlehem Baptist Church. She is a friend of Berean's Family Ministry. She has created some excellent resources for your family surrounding Christmas. We highly recommend them. Check them out here!

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When Grandma and Grandpa Don't Love Jesus - by Barbara Reaoch

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