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Goals of Christ-Centered Parenting: How to Parent with a Purpose

by Ben Holden on June 02, 2022


What does the Bible teach us about parenting? It's interesting how we might long to parent in a manner that honors God, but our tendency is to simply parent as we were parented. William Boekestein provides four biblical goals toward which we can strive as we parent our children. Not only is this a better way, a gospel-centered way, and a God-honoring way, but it helps us to parent with purpose.

Boekestein writes:
Christ-centered parenting also means explaining to our children how they can come to Christ. Too often we tell our children to respect us, to obey us, and to grow up. But we don't help them bring their troubles to, and find healing in, Jesus. Christ said that his yoke is easy; his burden light. He will give rest for our weary souls (Matthew 11:29-30). We need to lead our children to rest in Christ.
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