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Helping Kids Learn Big Words and Big Biblical Concepts

by Ben Holden on May 19, 2021

There are a lot of big words and big concepts in the Bible that are difficult for young hearts and minds to understand. At what point are our kids ready to learn about and understand things like repentance, reconciliation, and other gospel-oriented concepts?

Trevin Wax (one of the original authors of the kids' ministry curriculum we use at Berean) talks about why he is teaching some bigger words and ideas to his younger children. You may or may not agree with his approach, but he definitely provides some good food for thought with intentions that are gospel-driven.

Wax writes:

"I’m praying my daughter grows up into those words. I look at her the same way I look at a kid trying on mama’s shoes. The feet are too small and the shoes are too big, but one of these days, she’ll grow up and they’ll fit. That’s how we pray. That’s why we introduce foundational biblical truths. That’s why we teach our kids the Bible stories that challenge their assumptions, raise expectations, and point them to Jesus."

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