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Helping Kids Practice Regular Devotions

by Ben Holden on June 08, 2021

Last week we shared a link to a post about helping your kids develop the regular rhythm of prayer.

Activities to Engage Your Family in Prayer

Another important aspect of their discipleship is practicing the discipline of regular devotion time. This is often called quiet time. We need to teach our kids not only the importance of having this daily, regular time but give them practical keys on how to do this. Lydia Kaiser provides us with some great tips and resources on how to help foster a regular devotion time for your kids and the whole family.

Kaiser writes:

"It is a great thing when kids ask questions, even if it is intimidating. Every question can provide a teachable moment to point kids towards God. Questions show that kids are thinking and gives you a peek into thoughts they are processing."

Read more here:

A Kids Devotional Life by Lydia Kaiser

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