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How Celebrating Easter Can Help Us in the Midst of a Pandemic

by Ben Holden on March 16, 2021

This past week marked a full year that our lives have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. When it all started, none of us could have guessed that it would have gone on this long! Our lives have gone through a lot of change, which means that we have had to give up many of our usual activities. Our rhythms have been disrupted and things we looked forward to were postponed or canceled.

This has probably had a negative effect on your kids...and rightly so! Barbara Reaoch acknowledges these difficulties but offers hope during our time of hardship. What we have experienced during this season can be redeemed for good and can help us to cling to God as well as allow us to prepare ourselves for Easter.

Reaoch is local to the Twin Cities and has a heart for parents and the partnership between the church and the home. She is a friend of Berean. Check out her post that is both challenging and encouraging as well as resources to lead your family to the cross this Easter season.

Reaoch writes:

"Hardship is never our first choice! But God’s children can trust that we are safe in his care. Hardship is not an accident. Hardship is God’s fuel to reignite his children’s love for him (Romans 5:1-5). Let this Easter be a time for your family to discover true happiness through faith in Jesus Christ."

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