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How to Confidently Engage with Your Teenager's Doubt

When your teenager has questions about God and Christian living, confidently engage with them by asking these questions and learning together.

by Ben Holden on January 28, 2021

Our kids are regularly exposed to all sorts of influences through many different avenues. As parents, we can feel overwhelmed when we consider the effect of these influences on our kids. When we grew up there were cultural persuasions, but today's culture provides access to so many different voices and viewpoints. And these can lead to doubt and questions about faith in our teenagers.

The Axis team provides some helpful insights on how to view and balance these influences in the life of our kids. Plus, they suggest practical ways to engage them in conversation when doubts do arise.

The Axis team writes:

"If your teen is working through doubts, be there for them, but don’t try to short-circuit the process. If they have questions, encourage them to ask. Pushing aside doubt as “just a phase,” or “just a season” is a mistake many Christians make with those who are questioning. Sometimes it will be a phase, and sometimes it won’t; either way, our willingness to listen and sit in the tension when our teens express doubt may play a big part in how things end up."

How to Tackle Doubt with Your Teen by Axis

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