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How To Have Biblical Conversations About Race

by Ben Holden on November 19, 2020

Once again racial tension is high in our country. The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others, as well as the debate on immigration and the presidential election, have brought race issues to the forefront of our society. This is difficult for everyone, and it has proven to be especially difficult for our youth. Our kids are struggling with anger and rage that are being expressed through violence, the cancel culture, and divisive viewpoints. How can we help them take a biblical view of humanity?

Kendal Conner provides four practical points on how to start conversations with your teens about race. I highly recommend reading her article, taking it to heart, and putting it into practice as you talk with your teens.

"So while Gen Z may be a generation consumed with the idea of justice, they are also a generation who knows little of its Author. This is why we, who know the God of righteousness, must speak about issues of justice with our teenagers. When justice is found outside of the gospel, it is not true justice. And when the gospel we speak is void of justice, it is less than biblical." - Kendal Conner

How to talk to your teen about race by Kendal Conner

For more teaching about biblical justice and reconciliation, watch Pastor Roger's sermon, The Cry for Justice.

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