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How to Navigating the Overly Sexualized Culture with our Kids

by Ben Holden on April 13, 2021

Culture changes. That is a simple fact. Even thought this may seem obvious, our tendency can be to think that the culture our kids are growing up in is the same as the culture that we grew up in. Reality: the world our kids are growing up in today is heavily overly sexualized. We can't ignore this. In fact, we need to tackle this head on.

Josh Proctor gives some great encouragement as well as solid advice on how to navigate the waters of today's over-sexualized culture as we raise our children. He gives some great tips that will help parents talk with our kids, disciple our kids, and pray for our kids.

Proctor writes:

"One of the best tools we can use in the kingdom for our children is prayer. In our family, that looks like my wife lying in bed or a recliner and praying for our children. For me, I take prayer walks, and that is when I pray for our kids.

Prayer is especially needed to combat sexual sin. Our culture and the forces of darkness are warring for the souls of our children, and the sexual sin arena is one of those places that the battle is most intense. When we pray, we are doing battle in the spiritual realm!"

Parenting as a Christian in an Overly Sexualized Culture by Josh Proctor

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