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Is That Bible App Really Helping You?

by Ben Holden on April 08, 2021

Many of us have it downloaded on our phones: the YouVersion Bible app. It is really handy, isn't it? More and more these days I am seeing both youth and adults using it as the primary means for reading their Bible.

There is no doubt that this comes with convenience and many helpful tools. But are there any downsides? Trevin Wax writes about the different experiences his kids have had and the way this app (and others like it) are changing the way people are engaging with the Bible.

I firmly believe that what the younger generation (and all of us) needs most, the thing that transforms the heart is the Word of God. We should probably pay attention to any possible downsides of Bible apps and how our kids might be engaging with them.

Wax writes:

"There’s no question that Bible apps are a blessing in terms of accessibility and reach for getting God’s Word to as many people as possible. And even if I’m not pro-Bibles-online as a replacement for engaging the Bible in print, I’m grateful for the capabilities of these apps.

I do wonder, though, what the Instagram-ification of YouVersion will mean for the next generation of Bible readers. Does this type of online environment lead to a deeper engagement with God’s Word? Or does it distract from hearing the voice of God?"

When the Bible Turns Into Instagram by Trevin Wax

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