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One Key Factor Keeping Kids Engaged in Their Faith

by Ben Holden on December 16, 2021


We all want to see our kids develop a firmly-rooted, authentic, resilient faith that continues as they leave home to live life on their own. Did you know that there is one key factor in the life of a child that, if present, usually leads to a thriving personal faith? David Penuel, Director of Student Ministry at Watermark Church in Texas, shares in a blog post about one common denominator that he believes makes all the difference. His post is worth a read as he shares about this key factor and three characteristics to live it out.

Penuel writes:

I've observed hundreds of students navigate adolescence, graduate, and head off into a life of independence. Many of these kids thrive after graduation. Their faith continues to grow, they continue seeking to connect deeply with the body of Christ, and they contribute in amazing ways to the Kingdom of God. Others . . . not so much.

Penuel continues, "On more than one occasion, I've been asked this question by a wise parent seeking to reverse engineer their parenting: 'What do the healthiest Watermark graduates have in common?’ In response, I haven't overwhelmed them with a hundred things they have to do. Instead, I share with them just ONE thing that I believe makes all the difference."

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The Common Denominator of Kids Who Keep Their Faith - by David Penuel

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