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Savor the Simple Moments in Your Child's Faith Journey

by Tanner Pinkerman on February 15, 2021

Sometimes parents and Kids ministry leaders feel like we are not getting through to kids. Are we reaching them with biblical teaching? Are we making an impact in how they understand the gospel?

Small moments matter and they can lead to more and even bigger moments in a child’s faith journey.

In a world filled with disappointment and frustration, small moments of triumph can be dominated by feelings of defeat. How does that translate into seeking moments that matter, the ones that draw us near to God? Maybe instead of trying to move mountains, we can focus on the mini moments that matter.

God Loves Our Baby Steps in Faith

More and more families are returning to Berean Kids in-person programming, and we love reuniting with the kids! Here are some recent moments of connection with God that we had the privilege to witness.

  • A two-year-old told in simple words the story of the three wise men visiting Jesus just by looking at a Christmas card.
  • A five-year-old recited the memory verse for the day repeatedly with excitement and confidence: "He has transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son!" (Colossians 1:13 ESV).
  • An elementary student shared with his leader about a difficult time in the life of his family.
  • A girl attended Berean Kids Preteen for the first time and had a blast! As her face lit up, she exclaimed that she couldn’t wait to come back next week.

Let’s savor the mini moments, the little glimpses of God at work in the lives of our kids. Small moments matter and they can lead to more and even bigger moments in a child’s faith journey. So, when you don’t feel like you’re “on fire” with your parenting or mentoring, hold fast to the truth that God has you, knows you, and holds you at all times. You are his, and he loves the baby steps because they draw us to him.

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