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Teaching Kids How to Defend Their Faith

by Ben Holden on October 21, 2021

One day our kids are going to get to the age where their faith will be challenged. This age is increasingly getting younger and younger. This isn't a major crisis unless, as parents, we haven't taken the time to help strengthen our kids' faith and taught them how to defend it.

Dr. Josh Mulvihill writes a great post on the basics of Christian apologetics and tips on helping our kids learn how to defend their faith. It is a valuable read!

Mulvihill writes:

Young people will not remain faithful to a faith they do not understand and cannot defend. In a post-Christian culture, it is more critical than ever for young people to be prepared to defend themselves from attacks on their faith. They need to know what they believe and why they believe it.

Read More:

How to Help Children Understand and Defend Their Faith by Josh Mulvihill

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