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Teaching Kids How to Handle Unkind Words

by Ben Holden on May 12, 2021

There aren't many things that grip a parent's heart more than seeing your child with a broken heart. It can be a cruel world, especially for those with a soft and tender heart that haven't experienced much of the brokenness that exists. As parents, we want to make sure that kids don't believe the hurtful lies that have been spewed at them about themselves by others. We want to help them develop a healthy identity that is rooted in Christ.

The Kidzlife team provides some helpful tips on how to develop this within our children.

Kidzlife writes:

"Kids (and adults, for that matter) can so easily absorb unkind words and actions, and allow lies to shape what they believe about themselves. I deserve this, I’m not as good as those other kids, I am not worth loving. In their own eyes, this is who they are–but not in God’s. In God’s eyes, they are precious–handcrafted in His own image."

Read more here:

How to Set a Child Free from the Lies She Believes by the Kidzlife Team

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