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Teaching Our Daughters to See Their Own Beauty

by Ben Holden on September 10, 2020

From Pastor Ben:
I have three daughters. I think they are the most beautiful girls in the world. I love my wife. I was struck by her beauty the first time I met her. I am still captivated by her beauty. But is beauty simply about looks and outward appearance? What does the Bible have to say about this?
If we don't teach our daughters to have an appropriate and Godly view of what makes them beautiful, there is no doubt they will learn a different definition that is not only wrong but nearly impossible to live up to. How we speak about this and how we teach this truth matters. 
Sprünger takes an honest approach with helpful thoughts to consider, especially for moms.
Sprünger writes:
"Understanding and living out our beauty is a lifelong conversation. It can’t happen overnight, and it takes different shapes through our different seasons. Until we know God’s beauty imaged in us, we’re unable to truthfully impart such a reality to our daughters. And it’s never too late. Wherever your journey finds you today is right where God will meet you.." 

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