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The Importance of Teaching Our Kids Why Their Life is Worth Living

by Ben Holden on November 04, 2021

Increasingly the pressures on teenagers and the younger generation are rising. There is a lot of pressure to either look or act a certain way or to accomplish and achieve. Without a firm grip on who God is and who we are in relation to him, these pressures can lead to depression and questioning one's identity and worth. As noted in the article below, teenage suicide is on the rise, and drastically so.


Julie Lowe doesn't just note this disturbing fact, but offers a good challenge toward teaching and providing our children with reasons that life is worth living from a biblical perspective. We can't afford to simply hope our kids know and understand this. We need to be proactive in filling their minds with these truths.

Lowe writes:

Have we given our kids 13 reasons why life is worth living? Have we fostered conversations about hard topics? Have we convinced them that no subject is too hard for us to hear, no issue is off limits, and that we can handle even the most intimate details of their lives with genuine love and concern? We must be proactive and foster connections with our young people. When they are tempted to believe what we have to say is inconsequential or inadequate, we must work tirelessly to engage them, proving our value in their lives.

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Making Sure Our Kids Know Why Life is Worth Living - by Julie Lowe

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