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Why Does God Give Us This Pain?

by Ben Holden on May 05, 2022


We live in a broken world. I know that isn't a very encouraging way to begin a blog post, but it is true! We see all kinds of brokenness around us and we also experience it in our own lives. While maturing into adulthood doesn't make dealing with the brokenness any easier, we can have the benefit of a biblical perspective on what causes it and how God works in the midst of it. In him, we have understanding, hope, and comfort.

We need to teach these biblical truths to our kids! For them, health issues can be especially difficult to understand. Daniel Webster does an excellent job in helping us, as parents, talk with and teach our kids straight from the Bible about what they are dealing with. He gives five biblical principles we can regularly rehearse in various ways with our children, especially in light of health-related issues.

Webster writes:
Look to the good, holy, and wise God who is the answer to your problems. This God who knows everything about you and who is always fair will be with you through the trials.
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